Visual Intelligence Platform


Utility Asset Management

Asset Management

The Visual Intelligence Platform responds to Utility Asset Management challenges with an integrated platform that addresses vegetation management, asset inspection, and asset identification & inventory with a data driven approach, such as:

  • Image-based inspection and monitoring solutions. Equipment inspection and infrastructure monitoring solutions utilize artificial intelligence to analyze massive volumes of imagery data quickly and effectively. This capability enables utilities to remotely monitor and inspect critical infrastructure, such as electrical substations and transmission lines.
  • Vegetation management solution. Primarily leveraging imagery from satellites, this solution enhances energy companies’ ability to manage and plan the trimming of vegetation. Better planning and management of vegetation trimming, in turn, increases grid reliability while decreasing truck rolls and CO2 emissions.
  • Mapping solutions. All of the above capabilities are combined with data from other key systems to provide application management capabilities and single-pane-of-glass monitoring. A single interactive, easy-to-use geospatial view facilitates informed decisions and immediate action against any threats to the grid.