Accelerating Progress towards Smarter and Safer Cities

24/7 Real-time Car and Home remote monitoring, faster crime alerts and unlimited cloud storage. Get notified immediately when criminals enter or approach your property Car Security System can be your extra pair of eyes on the road and when you are away from your car. Video recordings can be instantly viewed on your phone from anywhere. In a break-in, the system sends a real-time video alert to your phone and instantly stores all of the video evidence in the cloud, even if the camera is stolen. Intelligent Home Security enables remote monitoring and video alert when intruders are detected. The system also provide secure cloud storage so you can use the recordings for evidence in court or during insurance cliams. Get started today and let  be your extra pair of eyes. Smart City Platform 

The platform is an End-To-End AI System designed to detect and track vehicles as well as pedestrians and to estimate a safety metric for an intersection. Object tracking recognizes the same object across successive frames, giving the ability to estimate trajectories and speeds of the objects. The Platform also detects collisions and near misses. A real-time dashboard visualizes the intelligence extracted from the traffic intersection along with annotated video stream(s).This collected intelligence can be used to adjust traffic lights to optimize the traffic flow of the intersection, or to evaluate and enhance the safety of the intersection by allowing emergency services notifications, such as calls to the Police or Armed Response, to be triggered by collision detection or break ins, reducing emergency response times.



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